The Nothingness Jigoku Shoujo wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: November 2008
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My second wall from Jigoku Shoujo, kinda similiar in mood ;3 I wasn't going to make wall from that scan, actually I just wanted to vector something because I was too busy and stressed by school to wall >.> But it ended up as wall anyway ;3

Here's scan

It's also a birthday present for Anna and Shannon! <3 I'm sorry, I know it's not really right to make one birthday present for 2 people, but I wouldn't be able to make 2 walls and those birthdays happened to be so close ^^;

Also thanks to Asa and Voicy for their help ;3

There's not an option to make textless version so currently there is no alternative. If someone would like it in some other way, I may consider it ^^ Also, comparing it to my other works, it feels refreshing to make another b&w wall where this time white is dominating ;3

EDIT: Guess that this time my concept didn't really fit to other people tastes :( But since like I noted I was planning to make some alternative version if anyone would give me an idea, I made one without top text and it's available here as alternative. Hope that those who don't like original concept will like that one more ^^;
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