Through Golden Fields Nausicaa Valley Of The Wind wallpaper by Nysha :: February 2009
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I actually started this one before "Twist", so it remained a WIP for a while. Nausicaa is my favorite movie, and pretty much one of my first animes, before I even knew it was an anime. XD So this is my little tribute to it.

Original scan: Song used for some inspiration: Solarstone's remix of Conjure One's "Center of the Sun"

It's 100% painted from scratch with my tablet. No vectors, no special brushes, no textures. And nope, I did not use the grass brush; every strand was made with the smudge tool. But is it really grass, or is it the Ohmu's feeler things? It's up to you to decide. :)

This is me while working on the "grass": ===/(@_@)/ And on the clouds: ~(@_@)~ Seriously, at first I was stumped on how to paint them, but I kept at it and the result is what you see. Hopefully they somewhat resemble clouds and grass. >_>

I put on the design of the dress Nausicaa wore near the end of the movie to possibly hint at something. n_n I was originally going to make the dress blue to fit the prophecy, but the pink looks better here. (And in the movie the dress starts out pink anyway, and then gets stained blue by Ohmu blood.)

The wall can be flipped for those who prefer that (because of icons).

Time spent: 15-20 hours PSD file size: 167mb

Any comments and favs are appreciated. ^_^

Edit: If colors are too bright, maybe try adjusting monitor?

Edit 2: I made a tutorial for the grass since many people were curious how I made the grass here. XD
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