In the smoke Afro Samurai wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: March 2007
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** Happy birthday Misu! ^^ **

Sorry for double submitting this...

This is yet another wall for the war at

This time the challenge was a vector from any Gonzo show using five colors (+ black and white) or less.

This is my palette. The five colors + black and white that is~

It was really hard for a vector newbie like me. >_< Afro gave me a really hard time. Especially his hair which I had to do with the tablet because the paths needed to be really close to each other so that it would look like it does now.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody from Vertigo Assembly (aka. AlmightyBaka's harem LOL). AlmightyBaka, Yina, nona, Tiger, highknees, misu and tate, but especially asa01 who would spot everything that went wrong with my wallpaper. Thank you everyone! ^^

Comments and favs are really really appreciated!

~ Storm/Maria ~

OMG! I need to thank Anna-chan too. >_< I suck for not doing that. She always thanks me in her posts. Bad bad me!
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