Thirst Touhou wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: April 2010
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Here's my new wallpaper which is quite different from what I usually do because there is no vectoring here. Whole idea of using this scan started when I wanted to do some close-up wall to train so more detailed vectoring. For that I had to crop original scan but after I've finished all main shapes I've lost a bit of confidence. I just think that this scan is so amazingly awesome that cropping it was just not the way to go *o*

For all that time I was using scan on my desktop, except that I manipulated colors to fit more of my usual style. After I lost interest in cropping in, I went back to that file and tried fixing all details to make it more appealing and acceptable wallpaper :3 Even through it's not a vector, I spend long time to make everything the way I wanted and I'm happy and proud from final result ^_^

Here you can see original scan

Also happy birthday to Maria-chan, one of members of brokenTone :3
Thanks to Nysha for helping a lot with ideas how to result better ^.^
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