And how are you doin in 2015? 2015-01-22 by Chris Lejman We're doing pretty well ourselves. At least good enough to write our first new update since 2013 (now you can see how bad I am at writing newses)

This new year have been pretty good for bT so far - we tinkered with some coding and updated our link structure; that along with some social exposure have helped our Google rankings and drove in a lot of new visitors :) I hope everyone was able to find a wallpaper for themselves.

We managed to add one wallpaper so far this year but more is coming so stay tuned.

Also few items with our designs will soon be available to buy on so you can get a t-shirt or mug :)

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Thanks for the love for a much underloved anime! Nice work man Merciless on Cheerio!
Nicely done man. Do you plan on doing any other similar sort of Animated backgrounds? They seem like allot of work, but even just minor effects or elements can look really cool. Thanks again for the great work! Merciless on Much Punches
Happy New Year! Glad to see you're still around. We, the old guards, are slowly starting to disappear and it's making me sad... :( Keep being awesome and creative! Phoenix on Much Punches
Whoaaa !!! Awesome ! That so great :D Thank you for creating this ! Cynthia on Much Punches
fantastic, thank you :) speedball on The Nothingness
AWESOMEEEEEE \(OAO)/ Andrei Elotina on Much Punches
@Randomguy used screenshot from the series as base for vector Deto15 on Prison School
wow so perfect! irek on Aincrad
What did you use for the building? Randomguy on Prison School
Thank author very much! I very like this artwork. Alexander on Detonation
Amazing! Thx for this wallpaper :) bruno63 on Aincrad
This picture is amazing ☺ Eaki on Ivysaur
Really liked wallpaper made by you ! I hope you can do one for Aldnoah.Zero xyxy on 993
Amazing work would love to have more soa or more backgrounds like this one Luke Sinclair on Aincrad
What an awesome poster ;) But i have a request, ist it possible to provide it in a 2880x1800 resolution? That would be amazing. Narsail on Aincrad
Thank you, fantastic work RCK on Aincrad
Cool wall! I had recently watch FLCL again and it was nostalgic, and this reminds me of the show a lot. Acid on Nothing amazing happens here
So awesome!! Edith on Vindicator
Amazing artwork mate... I haven't seen this type of style before. #Amazing Generic Person on Aincrad
I've been liking this style from you. It's like a new signature. :D Everyone's got their quickie wallpaper styles. Nice to see more works from you! Phoenix on Aincrad
süper Soner on Vermilion
I like the smooth and consistent painting style, very fitting for the concept too. Also colors feel so relaxing :D Deto15 on Ivysaur
Spot on. Edgar on Wir sind die Jager
very nice, I like the style swetr on Wir sind die Jager
Awesome, especially in 1440p! Thanks! Eric on Luminous
Gurren Lagann is my favourite anime and this is an awesome wallpaper. It makes me sad that there is no 2560x1440 option for this amazing wallpaper :( Reap on All the lights in the sky are stars
This is my favorite wallpaper ever. I go back to it often. Kid Charlemagne on It's a Wonderful Life!
I do love the composition, and thats an interesting color for the background you went with, but the best of all is the Mami scan you used, tragic and funny at the same time! A great wall for a great anime! b4betty on Luminous
Oh my gosh, i absolutely love her dress, the different strokes, and all the colors in the background!!! Very nice! Well done :) Megan on I Will Catch You
Really awesome <3 R on Not so ordinary life