CRIME and PUNISHMENT Fullmetal Alchemist wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: July 2010
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Among all AP Clash entries that flooded AP recently, here is mine :3 Made using a mix of screenshots

Here's my explanation of theme: Within this wallpaper, there are several different perspectives that display the theme "human condition". Instead of focusing on either a positive or negative, I depicted a scene that displays both while also displaying what being human is in a logical and moral sense. In a logical sense, we are different from animals because we think and we feel a wide variety of emotions. Individuals who are regarded to show no emotion or thought are regarded as "inhuman", which is a bit ironic because those very actions that can be regarded as inhuman are part of the human condition. As displayed in this wallpaper, being human in terms of a logical sense is depicted by being able to inflict harmful actions based upon reasons like religion, economical, political as well as many other by-products of our society that lead to big scale conflicts. However, this wallpaper also displays one of conditions of being human in moral sense, which feeling regret for our own mistakes.

Thanks to my helper CrimsonCyanide who helped with general advice and with throwing some proper english into description that I copied above :3 Also thanks to all great judges and clash admins, it's all coming out great so far, keep up good work! \^_^/

Also, here's a progress pic

On side note, something I have to mention regarding my previous BRS wall: [readmore]Because of some random AP glitches, I've noticed that faves got a bit messed up recently when my "Turning Blue" wallpaper was uploaded.

Hope you all like it x3
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