An Outlaw Black Lagoon wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: February 2013
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Hello everyone, here's my first wall this year, which thankfully I managed to finish between semesters. Guess it's my first real try at close-up detailed wall, which is something I wanted to do in a while :3

Here's used scan, it comes from newest Black Lagoon artbook by creator of series, Rei Hiroe.

Hopefully you all enjoyed watching progress that I kept posting on AP shoutbox, it was a new experience for me and it was cool to recieve some opinions on an ongoing WIP :)

Also would like to thank my buddy Nysha who helped with suggestions, and showed me that in 15 minutes she can do better stuff with it than I could while spending weekend on it. Still, it was a good motivation, and helped me balance finishing touches. It would be much worse without your help Nysho :)

Hope you all like it :) Also sharing some Evangelion playlist I've been listening to :3
Also, source for texture used:

Progress capture:
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