Vindicator Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan wallpaper by Nysha :: January 2011
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…Yes, Nysha has walled a bishie!

And for those who already knew I was working on this, it’s finally done! D:

Edit: Whoops, found some annoying minor errors, so now the image has been fixed up to my satisfaction. :3 (Don't keep your old versions...)

So I had two main goals before this project: I wanted to wall a bishie (way too many girls in my gallery), and I wanted to wall bamboo (because I love bamboo!). And I didn’t want to wall just any bishie – I prefer the more serious and badass ones lol.

And thus Yone Kazuki’s fabulous artwork of Saito was the perfect match for what I wanted to do. Although I don’t really care so much for the anime, I really like her official artwork, and Saito is my fav character design of hers. :D

The basic idea of the wall’s scene is that Saito is getting ready to defend/fight against an antagonist in the middle of a bamboo forest. Expect a super showdown with bamboos hacked over and everything. The extra blood is for those certain fangirls who like that. >D A “clean” version without any blood is also available.

Everything was painted via vector masks like how I usually do. And 100% Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. The background was made from scratch, while I used some various bamboo reference photos I took during my Japan trip to get the basic perspective. Some details of the original scan were either incorrect (the directions of the string’s braid) or too dark to make out (the sword’s handle), and I had to reference some tsuka-maki images to see how the handle is wrapped.

Check out the progress pic!
And also a gif animation showing the steps from each day I worked on this:
And for those who wondered how, here’s his hair tutorial.
Oh, and there is a default burlap texture on the cloth, in case you wondered why it looks fuzzy. :D

The hardest part was actually starting this and deciding on a final crop to use. @.@ I first had a much closer/portrait crop, but I felt more of his body needed to be seen, especially the lower hand, because without it the string he’s pulling looks very awkward. XD

Basic stats:
Time taken: in 16 sittings, about 4-6 hours each time, over the course of about 2 months (I was busy with other RL stuff), so roughly 80 hours total, more or less.
Layers: about 400
Psd size: 292mb at 2844x1600px

Special thanks to Deto, alenas, Kitten, and ashlie for your continual support/suggestions on msn. :3
So awesome!!Edith
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