All the lights in the sky are stars Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: August 2013
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My first wallpaper finished after Animepaper closure and revamping of brokenTone :)

This came out quite different than what I had in mind and even through I guess I could have make some parts better with a bit of planning, I'm happy with the result. I kept text placement as I originally envisioned it, but since many people don't like text on their walls, I've prepared 2 alternative version: first have text in less obstructive spot and second is textless :3

I used texture in space part of background in an effort to make it look sharper and more paint-ish

Used scan that I found on reddit, available here
Original topic, here

And here some music for everyone who likes :)

Hope you like it :) and if you do, follow us on FB, Twitter and G+ (links in top right corner)!
Gurren Lagann is my favourite anime and this is an awesome wallpaper. It makes me sad that there is no 2560x1440 option for this amazing wallpaper :(Reap
with a lot of wall sites goin silent in the last year or so, deciding to click on my old Broken Tone bookmark and finding its alive and kickin gave me an ear to ear smile, and how fitting that its from TTGL, I am just sorry I didn't come back here sooner, I love the new site design and your walls are as always fanbloodytastic!b4betty
This is beautiful and brilliant, love the sky and the text is a win! Excellent work, sir Wubster.Animoo
It's always a pleasure to see more wallpapers from you Chris. I love it!Aladdin
Awww, it's so cute! Makes me remember such nice things about the end of the anime (and what could have been). Definitely prefer it with the text though. :) The wall's got a nice retro style too. Yay for new wallie! Nysha
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