Don't lose you way Kill la Kill wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: October 2013
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Wub wub wub, don't lose your way!!

Made this wall based on screenshot from episode 3 of anime

Tried so many ideas while doing this, most of which were scrapped, but I'm happy with results!

I hope you like it :)
Textless version as alternative.
I recently acquired a 2560x1440 monitor, and I really can't describe exactly how amazing this wallpaper looks on it. Keep up the great work!cirE
what Animoo said, this is down right epic! and badass. Kuchicu
Do you have the vector (or a larger, transparent png) available? How about 2560x1600 versions of the wallpapers?ScalableVG
Agreed. This is simply too badass. Any chance of you doing on on Satsuki or the both of them clashing?Dr. Moogle
Dude this is brilliant and gorgeous. Bad-ass scene with authentic text, excellent vectoring and dat shading. You, my dear sir, have outdone yourself!Animoo
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