To be continued Fate / Stay Night wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: October 2014
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Here's my wallpaper for the second round of Minitokyo Contest, which had a theme "looking forward, looking back". The wall have its flaws, but I'm pretty happy with it and I think it represents theme well. In the end I lost to my brilliant opponent through, but it was a fair call :)

I've wanted to make a Fate Zero wallpaper for a while now, especially with Kiritsugu, so I'm glad I managed to get him in there, even if not in foreground. Generally I wanted to focus on Saber here and contrast between past in Fate/Zero and future in Fate Stay Night.

For a style, I had an idea to make a grayscale wallpaper, but to also create a contrast in what tones I would choose for each vector. Fate Stay Night vectors in foreground were suppose to be really bright, where there would be small difference between base color and highlights, but the shadows would go very deep at some parts. To contrast that, Fate Zero vectors were suppose to be dark, where base colors and shadows would be very close, but highlights would stand out as being much brighter. I think I manage to accomplish that successfully :)

Idea for using Grail in background is something I had in mind from start, through until the end I thought that's not gonna happen. I planned dark park of background to extend further beyond Kiritsugu and end up in a Grail shape, but it just didn't worked out. Turns out later I used it in a different way, to blend dark background batter between characters. Now, if I had too choose, it's my favorite part of wall ;)

Scans I used:

Btw, sorry to everyone who thought otherwise, but actually text in top right corner was part of texture, so I haven't done that ;) Here's the texture used
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