I'll Be There Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo wallpaper by lisz :: October 2014
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be sure to check out lisz's website:http://lisz.minitokyo.net/
My entry for the second round of MT knockout (Looking Forward, Looking Back).
Annnnnnd now I can vomit all my thoughts behind this wall on you all, so prepare yourselves.
I figured using this scan was a bit of a risk, since it could come off as just a literal, physical interpretation of the theme if one had never seen the movie. The image spoke for itself in the end, though, so I'm glad I went with my gut.

The resources I used --Scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/572448
Lyrics: Drive - Incubus
Texture: http://zentextures.com/tagged/grunge/page/3

tbh, I did get a tad lazy with this wall since I was in a rush, and it certainly is a style I've done before, to some extent, with Golden and Spies. However, I was really enamored with the scan, and I wanted to go with a flatter, more faded tone for this challenge. I...kind of forgot about the contest, and I started the wall the Wednesday before the due date (which just happened to fall on a weekend a friend was driving down to visit alsdjksklfjkfj x – x). 'Tis no excuse, though, so my apologies for the not-so-clean execution (and of course, the yellow. I'm sorry guys. I always seem to come back to yellow -- I'll try and control the urges better v - v).

+ kudos to my amazing opponent, Deto15 (you were someone I really admired -- and still look up to -- when I first started walling waaaay back in highschool). Your entry really blew me away, and I shall always be in awe of your ability.
+ thank you so much to the judges, for your kind words and constructive critiques c: I’ll definitely keep them in mind.
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