Nothing amazing happens here Furi Kuri wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: January 2015
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I made another one! :P Sorry if you are bored of this type of wallpapers, but like I mentioned previously they are fast to do and fun to do :)

I've recently decided to rewatch Furi Kuri and I could literally make one of these for each episode, but I guess one is enough so I decided on picturing a final scene, which is quite iconic I think and makes a nice wall.

Previous wallpapers in "series":

It's actually getting pretty hard to make those. It's hard to use the same color palette, same style and same themes and yet comes with various compositions. Even my SnK and SAO are already quite similair. Hope I can manage to keep it up without getting much redundant.

Prints and items with the design are available here

Hope you like it!
Cool wall! I had recently watch FLCL again and it was nostalgic, and this reminds me of the show a lot.Acid
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