Proper Education The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: May 2008
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I am back! Long time no see.

I present you my entry for the War over at This was made for the battle between Vertigo Assembly and Crimson Orchestra. The theme is Stylized Depth . And you know what? WE WON!!

| PROGRESS | Here is how I made this wall. Don't worry, I have illustrated it so that you won't have to read through it twice or dunno how many times to understand.

First off, I used this Persona scan as a base for the background. Thanks a lot *Myaje! I drew the lineart and then, using perspective techniques I expanded the scan which basically formed the background.
The vanishing point got all messed up. >.> Anyway, it took me soooo long to make it look like that since the perspective is kinda... round.

Then I started working on bringing my concept to life.

I decided to make the main part of the wall be in a circle in order to give the camera feeling. It's not quite there yet but if you keep reading, you'll see. Then I started painting by putting base colors on separate layers. Just so you know, throughout the making of this wall the only brush I used is the "Airbrush Hard Round" that can be found in Photoshop's (CS2) default brushes.

Next, I started drawing the details, shadows, highlights and got this after loooots of painting: Note that I wanted to make the painting identical to the scan. I didn't achieve it but the result was okay.

I picked two scans from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

Haruhi (thanks ~fluke)Kyon (thanks ~nenena)

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