Detonation Ugetsu Hakua wallpaper by Storm and Fire :: June 2008
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Today is a very special day. It is the birthday of our dear @Deto15!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! I would never forget about you! As you see, the title is Detonation. I wanted to have a title like the one of my birthday present for @k1ru (Kiru ga Suki). So, I tried to find a word relevant to the wall and containing Chris' name.


Here's the scan I used.

I vectored it and redrew the parts that were covered with text. The bg was inspired from this tutorial which was really helpful throughout the whole process. Then I saw one of his works which I thought fitted the scan and I decided to follow the perspective.

I used a bunch of stock photos of buildings and other material which I am going to enlist sometime tomorrow along with a display of the steps I took.

Firstly, I fixed the stock material into the fitting positions and I then started painting over them in order to create an image of destruction. These steps were mainly what I did. It took me 12 days but I'm sure that if I didn't have a deadline, it would take lots more.

This is something I've never tried before and if I had more time I could probably make it better but I hope you like it either way. I have to say it beat the crup out of me but I'm happy I managed to make something special for a special friend.

Maria made a vector of Konata inspi' Miku for Chris. (She'll give you the full size by pm)

STATS Time: 12 days
Layers: 2559 shape layers + 166 normal ones

WALKTHROUGH(After having vectored and placed the scan)
Step 1: I placed the stock photos.
Step 2: I painted over the stock.
Step 3: I painted the clouds. (without reference this time)
Step 4: Shading.
Step 5: Toning.
Step 6: Final Adjustments
Thank author very much! I very like this artwork.Alexander
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