Hello? Neon Genesis Evangelion wallpaper by Asa :: March 2008
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Reading evangelion back in january left an impact on me. this image http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/233/evastage60pg77px6.jpg/?sa=0 was originally the black and white cover for stage 60 of the manga. i thought to wall it because it demonstrates the vulnerability that was hidden behind asuka's energetic personality.

i picked warm colors for everything just to make her blue eyes stand out more. i also did some lighting work with glows and and shading to strengthen the in-the-shadows type of lighting from my original vector. nothing fancy, but i'm pleased with the outcome.

part three of my little phase of reliance on text-as-art. xD there's a bit about the infamous apple, some mentions of apocalypse, purgatory, etc. i guess it's just tapping into the religious tie that eva has. nothing truly comprehensive though. and the title is what it is because i felt like asuka was lonely.

thank you justin and dee. :3 a really quick and simple wall. i hope at least some will find it agreeable.
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