Bad Apples Death Note wallpaper by Asa :: June 2007
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the concept of the text is based on the idea that one bruised (thus "bad") apple can ruin a whole bushel. i guess i'm trying to draw a line of similarity between that and Light corrupting others (whether or not they were already twisted *thinks of Mikami*).

anyway, it was a spontaneous idea. the initial vision wasn't quite like this and looked far better, but i've hit a waller's block. not to mention there is the War to keep me busy... *excuses*

the vectored Light + apple came from this scan because it fit my idea flawlessly. Higuchi and Misa were vectored from screenshots, Mikami from a manga scan. text came together as i fiddled with the pen tool. splatter drawn with the good old round brush.

the poem along the bottom of the wall was a last minute thing that popped into my head. the one in the 4:3 version is the original.One Kira, two Kira, three and four, All bruised apples rotten to the core. One Kira, two Kira, three and four, This bushel of apples is now no more. his great leader-ness Almighty-baka of VA deserves a note of thanks. :D
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