La bonne pâtisserie Death Note wallpaper by Asa :: July 2007
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no, i'm not turning into a poet. but here's the poem in the sig: _ J’aime toutes les sucreries. Elles sont mes meilleures amies! J’adore bien les sucreries. Manges-en et go�te la vie! _ i'm not much of a french speaker so if anybody who actually speaks french finds a mistake in there, kindly let me know. :P

this was my entry for the Elite vs. World Challenge's final round. the World Alliance is victorious! this is quite simple, as i had about two days to make something. the entirely vectored design was built with the thought of breaking symmetry with asymmetry and yet maintaining balance.

L is vectored from this screenshot (i left out the handcuff and changed his mouth):

this one is for all the L fans out there! enjoy =]
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