Dragons Of The Azure Soukyuu No Fafner wallpaper by Asa :: August 2007
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note about the actual title written in the wall sig: fafner came from fafnir, a character of legend who transformed into a dragon in order to protect his treasure. so in essence "soukyuu no fafner" made me think of "dragon(s) of the azure".

this wall is based on this image: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/469/snfimageem0.jpg/?sa=0

day 1 the thoughtless part: foreground characters were vectored, taking nearly 8 hours.

day 2 the challenging part: the sky and mountains were painted with my old mouse, made to look as like the original as possible, taking nearly 7 hours to do and redo. i've edited out the fafner in favor of more clouds from my imagination.

day 3 the painful part: the buildings were painted by mouse, made to resemble the original (minus the fafner's legs and those traditional houses), taking nearly 8 hours. i wanted to vector the buildings & add gradients but ended up liking how i could sort of imitate metallic surfaces. and so i painted. the going wasn't smooth.

day 4 the last day: tweaks counteracted by undos, more fine adjustments, futile efforts at fixing and blending things together etc. stared at it and decided time to face judgment. thank you to justin, dee, et al for support and for convincing me that this wall isn't bad. =]
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