For A Beautiful Future Mobile Suit Gundam 00 wallpaper by Asa :: January 2009
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i wanted to try to paint for real and this is what happened with my first experiment. xD;; it's weird to submit something so gloomy at the start of '09, but i just remembered that my new year's wall for '08 was "The Aftermath"... nonetheless, thank you everyone who has supported me during my time at AP.

i vectored a sketch yun koga drew while designing the characters for the series (so imo this can go under the official category). the rest was just make-it-up-as-i-go, pretty much no references used.

it has its sloppy points. what can i say. but it was fun. :'D so i want constructive criticism on how to improve my technique. be specific please. just telling me "it can be better" is too vague to help.

for the 100 Themes Project @ Instant Noodles #25: Tomorrow.

thank you dan and tsu for the feedback. :'] (i'm sorry dan. he's still wearing his "ballet" slippers lmao. it's a bit of a cultural thing, as i mentioned on msn.)
edit: tried to address most of the things shinn mentioned but that's only with the widescreen version.
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