Libera Me Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wallpaper by Nysha :: May 2008
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If my first wall was me getting used to vectoring, then this wall is me getting used to my new tablet! I just got my Wacom a couple of weeks ago and finally I decided to make a wall from one of the stock images I've been saving for a while on my computer. I wanted to wall the image badly, but I only had a tracking ball and felt that vectoring it would take away the sketchy feel. The original image is of a screenshot from the ending of episode 16, the recap episode, and it is my favorite of the various ones shown, and I'm surprised no one has made a wall from pretty much any of them. I've been saving this image for a while, so I have no idea where I found it anymore at such a large size. Basically I redrew it and painted it all in with my new tablet. It's actually not a vector! XP Here's the original image:

Nia needs more love! The majority of the TTGL walls here are all of Yoko, so here is a change!! Also I'm aware that I drew Nia's pupils a different shape than the normal cross/flowery ones. Fans from the series should know where the title comes from - from the epic song "Libera Me from Hell" played during the final episodes of the series, and how it relates to Nia. ^_^

Programs used: Photoshop CS2 Brushes: all defaults (mainly watercolor loaded wet flat tip) Texture: old paper by Bleeding Dragon from DA
Time spent: 3 days

After doing this wall I feel like this tablet style is easier and faster for me than vectors, because I can map things out and see things as a whole better than using the pen tool. And I can use more painterly effects! Haha.
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