Hell Frozen Rain Another wallpaper by Chris Lejman :: August 2012
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Hello AP cats.

Here comes 3rd wall in a series "Serial Experiments Deto" after those:
Also 2nd wall in series "I has bad feels so I cry blood", after this one
or maybe actually I just made that up.

So it was pretty simple concept, I started with a scan, and imagined how it would look like if rain was black, and she was invisible, just covered in rain, kinda like Kevin Bacon's Hollow Man i-bathed-in-blood scene. I first came out with rainy bg, with grain and some sihoutttes and black floor and stuff and trashed it all out after starting vector, because it all just made it look less interesting. Kept only rain.

Anyway, glad how it came out, because after finishing bg first, I was pretty sure this experiment will be a failure, but turns out vectoring was coming pretty much how I planned. Hope you'll like it too. Also, text comes from this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSWMDgzHAqM
Some parts of it feels so much like Mei.

Scan: http://www.animepaper.net/art/240783/another-picture
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