My real name's Jillian Walters. Nysha is the name of an original character I created when I was in middle school, and it is pronounced "Nye" (like "eye") "-sha". I grew up with traditional art instruction since I was 7 and it wasn't until late high school when I decided to explore digital alternatives with Photoshop. College was when I really had time to teach myself how to use it and become involved in various online communities. I started as a sig GFX maker and moderator at KingdomKeyForums, which is where I refined my Photoshop techniques. Later I became bored with sigs and wanted to move on and make something more useful, and so I became inspired to wall. Vectoring was what I wanted to learn first, but then I longed to paint again, so I got a Wacom Intuos tablet. I am currently satisfied with my style that combines both vectoring and painting. Call it vector mask painting, VMP, vasking, or whatever you'd like. :D

As for me, I am white with long, curly light brown hair. My birthday is September 10, 1988 - a Virgo and year of the dragon. I live in California, USA and I am a 2010 graduate at the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (specifically Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution). I do Hapkido and birdwatching for recreation. I enjoy anime, manga, and jrpgs in my spare time (along with Photoshop!). Music is a must when I work because it helps me concentrate, and I usually listen to anime and game OSTs, Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, Enigma, and old school classics (like Garbage, Cranberries, Bjork, Oasis). I also love Japanese curry and many things that are cute, pretty, or badass. Personally I'm usually laid back, but I can become quite the dedicated perfectionist with a very whacked-out sleeping schedule. XD Curiously, people often say that I resemble the Mona Lisa too. Hahaha.
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