Name: Maria, Nickname: Lettuce
Age: 17, Date of Birth: April 12th, 1991
Likes: Rock music, boys, writing poems, anime and manga and more,
Dislikes: Arrogant people, racists, the ones who don't let you speak,
Hobbies: Drawing and singing if these count,
Talents: Physics and Chemistry
Strong Points: Affection towards everyone, Weak Points: Impatience, insecurity

Anastasia G.

Anastasia G. was born in Athens, Greece in November 1992. She started experimenting with computer graphics at the age of 12 and started walling at the age of 13. Making wallpapers can limit an artist's personal expression because of the use of existing artwork, but Anastasia has always tried to incorporate her personal touch to every wallpaper by adding her own drawings to her wallpapers. Sometimes combining 2 or 3 different anime scans, her style could be called as "digital painting collage".

Besides walling Anastasia also loves drawing and painting, both digitally and traditionally. She has a deep love for the japanese culture including both the ancient and the modern. Anime, manga, gaming, japanese architecture are only a few of her loves. She now studies Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. Her love for Japan led her to study the Japanese language and is now hoping to study in Japan as a postgraduate architecture student.
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